Welcome to Coffee, Cats & Retail.  The objective of my blog is to educate consumers.  My goal is to introduce safer alternatives to everyday products.  This is necessary because so many products on the market put our health, and that of our families at risk. I'm also all about product-discovery:  when to splurge and when to save.   I try to keep my blog varied as well as positive.  I do not allow spam, or content on my site that isn't family friendly.

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Keeping warm in a cold room 
with the perfect insulated tumbler 

Why a Coffee Press is your ticket to great coffee

Toogga's Culinary & Beautifying Benefits 

Achieve a delicious cup of coffee

Smell amazing with pure essential perfume oil

Comfort Legwear; Where Fashion Meets Function

Transform, Hydrate & Enhance Aging Skin

Preparing for winter with warm shoe boots

Effortlessly achieve salon quality nails 

Vegan Cosmetics are not created equally 


The many benefits of raw honey


Hydrating liquid foundation for a flawless complexion-works for sensitive skin

Get that gorgeous summer sun-kissed glow

Contour and highlight like a pro

Does the right skincare make a difference?


OOLALA my favorite Sandals just got prettier!

How to wear hosiery in the summer

Finding the perfect summer bag


Summer-ready skin 

Demanding giveaways: when it's not worth the effort 

Effective ways to de-stress

Budget Decorating Series

Find the perfect area rug 


Eyelashes to die for!

Effective skin firming ingredients in skincare

Trek to finding the perfect lip gloss 


Tales of a finicky feline

Love your cat with these top rated products 


The benefits of Solar Powered Cooking

Got Giveaways?

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