Effortlessly Buff & Shine Nails

Years ago while walking through the mall I was stopped by an enthusiastic kiosk vendor.  He had this tiny multi-sided block.  Each side performed a different function. One was to file nails, the other to buff and so forth.  He proceeded to demonstrate it on one of my fingernails as I watched in amazement while my nail was miraculously transformed into a beautiful shiny, smooth nail.   I purchased one of those things and used for a while and it eventually ran its course. I never bothered to replace it.  I find the effort it requires is more than I'm willing to expend.

I was recently introduced to the The Micro-Nail by Emjoi, this is by far a better method for achieving those gorgeously buffed nails.

What makes this so wonderful is the fact that it's completely effortless.  Turn it on and it spins 360 degrees at an amazing 30 times per second.  So it only takes seconds to complete all nails.

 Includes two Micro-Smooth rollers, one for smoothing ridges and one for creating beautiful shine.  The results are stunning nails free of discolorations, ridges and other imperfections, leaving smooth shiny, polish-optional nails. A great investment for less than forty dollars. Certainly no need to visit a salon and spend big bucks.  Think of the money you'll save.  Certainly a worthy  gift for yourself and a loved one.

Best price on Emjoi Micro Nail Manicure or Mani Pedi--Smooths, Buffs & Shines Instantly

Lipton Publicity provided me with sample items, however, I was under no obligation to write about the products mentioned.  See full disclosure.

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