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Welcome to the Love Your Cat Event

A couple weeks ago I suffered with a terrible upset stomach.  While I was moaning in agony I felt this tap on my shoulder, I turned to find my cat crying with concern.  He sat on the stool by my side looking over me the entire night.  I'm sure this incidence resonates with other cat owners.  Those of us that have come to appreciate the remarkable companionship of a cat.

Cats are precious.  This event is dedicated to us cat people that love and cherish our feline companions. This event features the best and most innovative cat products that make kitty happy and make our lives a little bit easier.

To start, I've recently discovered that my cat really likes having a second litter box. So I'm not surprised that cat experts recommend having two litter boxes for one cat and three boxes for two cats.   Not all litter boxes perform quite the same, some leak, some squeak others last but a moment. This is why I wanted to pick out the top litter boxes that score the highest in consumer reviews, look good and perform well, and most of which have my cat's seal of approval.  The added bonus is that these litter boxes actually add a little something special to the home which makes placement very doable, even in small spaces.

Hide a litter box!

The Hidden Litter Box by Good Stuff Pets not only adds a little something to the decor, it's highly functional.  .

Hidden Litter box by Good Pet Stuff

Here it is adorning an otherwise bland corner in the bedroom.  Good Pet Stuff really thought of everything when creating this one-of-a-kind design.  For instance the V-grove design on the edge of the upper section prevents urine from coming through the two halves.  It's made of a durable polypropylene, which makes cleaning an absolute breeze! Simply wipe clean.  I prefer to soak the bottom half in sudsy warm water once every three to four weeks.  It fits my large cat very comfortably and can easily accommodate multiple kitties. My finicky and discriminating cat took to it right away.

The price is phenomenal!

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Find the Hidden Litter Box on Amazon for only $59.99

Wooden litter boxes are a plenty.  We've all seen those furniture style hidden boxes and envisioned them in our homes, unfortunately they do not make the most durable litter boxes and have a short shelf life.  The solution:

A beautiful piece of furniture

Litter Loo Litter Box by New Age Pet

Why the above litter box works: opposed to wood it's made of a durable, moisture resistant eco-friendly material and much like the polypropylene Hidden Litter Box, it easily wipes clean. A standard litter box fits inside and is hidden out of the way. Sadly I don't own one, but I hand picked this to be in the event because I feel it's the best of its genre.  Above it's shown as an end table which is lovely.  I personally would love to have one in the bathroom. I would use the table for toiletries and added storage.   The moisture resistant material rivals its wooden competitors.  Also love the window detail for kitty.  Peekaboo.

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Find Litter Loo on Amazon

A good overall handsome litter box

A couple years ago I reviewed  Kitty A Go Go, a sweet looking box that doesn't hide what it is, but rather celebrates it's purpose with a strikingly handsome aesthetic.

Kitty A Go-Go

This is also a very durable and sturdy litter box.  I had chosen the wood grain which is nice, but clashed with my furniture. I wished I had chosen the polka dot or even the flower print.  I really like the idea of having this as an extra litter box.  As you can see from the photo above, Kitty a go-go fits nicely in a small bathroom and adds to the decor.  The tray slides out for easy cleaning.  It came with a sifter, but I found I preferred to just use a regular scooper.  Available in six styles.

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Find Kitty A Go-Go on Amazon

A spot of their own..

Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion

Cat's love to scratch and perch.  That's why there's a huge market for products that incorporate the two. The winning product comes from Pet Fusion.

The Cat Scratcher Lounge looks wonderful in any decor, but really the pièce de résistance is its generous size along with rugged durability.  My cat loves it, and that makes me happy.  I've priced quite a few of products offering perches and scratchers, even at PetSmart, all of which were of an inferior quality and priced really high for the quality.  In a sea of over-priced cat furniture the Cat Scratcher Lounge stands out in stark contrast.  A must-have for all proud cat parents.

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Find Cat Scratcher Lounge on Amazon

Low maintenance cat litter

Simple Solution Cat Litter

Compared to my previous brand of cat litter; which was pretty decent, the Simple Solution cat litter is a dream.  For starters, it's lightweight. Lugging cat litter can be back breaking, so this is a welcome change.  The biggest benefit, however, is not having to scoop urine.  The litter is actually 300% more absorbent than common litters.  Odors are kept at bay due to the patented technology that neutralizes odor.  I love this litter despite the perfume smell.  I've been using this for at least a month and I haven't had to bother with the urine at all.  The urine is absorbed and there are no odors, even if I forget to check the litter for a couple of days, thus, cats are happy, despite having forgetful owners their boxes remain clean and fresh.

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Keep Kitty's food safe from unwelcome guest

Feed Safe Feeding Station

Are dogs or other animals invading kitty's food bowl? no problem because Feed Safe is engineered to let cats in, and keep cat food predators out.  Because I don't own a Feed Safe I'm unable to offer a personal testimony at this time.  With that said, I love the way this is designed and I'm sure if I ever encounter a situation in which I need to keep my cat's food safe and secluded this is definitely on my radar.

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