Best Places To List And Find Giveaways

I advertise my own giveaways.  It takes a little time, but it is well worth the effort.   The key is not to submit giveaways to every site claiming to be a giveaway site, not only will that be overly time consuming, but prove to be futile, since many sites will not bring an iota of traffic.  

So I wanted to put together a comprehensive list of the sites that I discovered to be the best for submitting and bringing traffic to your giveaways.  All these sites are blog friendly and are consistent at listing giveaways. 

Best traffic sites:

Other noteworthy sites:

Win A
(not consistent)


Specialty listings:

(Low entry)

(handmade items)

Low Traffic Sites:


Infinite Sweeps

Contest Chest 

Sweeties Sweeps

Sweepstakes Bible

Any Lucky Day (never received traffic from this site)

Sweepstakes Mag

Contest Listing (inconstant) (prob. not worth it)

Blog forums

For a complete list of giveaway linky sites by week day visit this link

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Scookie said...

Cheers! This is really helpful. I will be using this soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

This list is quite useful to users who want to enter new sweepstakes and win prizes.

I want to suggest, which is quite well fit in your article. is really a good source of free sweepstakes, contest, giveaways and instant win game. It updated daily. Please, check and if possible add in your list.

Thanks and hope for kind reply.

Judy said...

Hi Lisa, can you add to your list?

It's specifically towards listing giveaways hosted by bloggers.

corinne said...

Have you used the featured listing on giveaway promote? if so, what was your experience?

Thank you,


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