What To Look For In A Good Sweepstakes Site

At one time I use to enter a lot of giveaways.  I had a system and would spend twenty minutes or less a day entering dozens of sweeps.  I managed quite a few wins.  Along the way I was introduced to great brands and products that normally would of slipped by me in the non-cyber world.

As a blogger, I've been at the other end of the spectrum and hosted quite a few giveaways.  Throughout it all, I've seen sweepstakes sites come and go.

I've learned that a good sweepstakes site is free and undiscriminating.  This works for both the host and entrants.  The reason,  many sites take it upon themselves to sensor what they deem too small or lacking in "quality" giveaways.  When I'm looking for sweeps to enter, I want to be the judge of what I choose to enter, not subjected to the administrator's compromised judgment.   It's not uncommon for many sites to exclude blog giveaways, yet when I was entering giveaways I averaged three wins a week, most of which were from blog giveaways.  Blog giveaways offer far better odds and are easier to win.  These wins included everyday products that I didn't have to purchase myself; household, foodstuff, apparel, etc., all of which added up and greatly helped me get out of dept.

Make sure the sweeps site offers a free listing option

Not everyone holding giveaways is a big corporation and can afford to pay to advertise.  This is why sweep sites that only have a paid listing option are missing out on quite a few great giveaways.  I used one site that offered free listings, I had a lot of success and never had to venture on other giveaway sites. This made it easy for me to keep track of all the giveaways I entered.  

I comprised a list of the top sites for both entering and listing.

New site to keep on your radar:

Infinite Sweeps wins best new Sweeps site award; if there was one;)

Infinite Sweeps is a relatively new site that is taking off really rapidly. I noticed this based on the amount of traffic that I'm receiving from this site.  They offer both free and paid listings and their site is easy to navigate.  Drop down menus make it possible to enter sweeps from various categories as well as dates.  You  also have the option of saving your sweeps so that you're able to keep track of what you entered.  All the makings of a good sweepstakes site.

Other old faves include Giveaway Promote and Online Sweepstakes.

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