Entering sweepstakes; the key to success

I use to enter sweepstakes daily,  it was a fun pursuit that did pay off every once in a while.  These days entering sweeps has never been quicker or easier.  

My two must-have programs are Roboform and Diigo.   Roboform is a auto form filler that enables you to enter sweepstakes with one click.  It would take me approximately forty five minutes to enter 250 daily sweeps. 

I also found Diigo to be essential at preventing me from inadvertently re-entering a sweep.  After I entered a one-time-sweep I used the Diigo bookmark to leave little sticky notes as a reminder that I've already entered that particular sweepstakes.     This is important as many contest will disqualify multiple entries.

One of my favorite places to find sweeps is at Sweepstakes Advantage.  I like that everything is organized and categorized.  This makes entering far more enjoyable. 

Blog giveaways tend to be in class by themselves.  I find that most of the folks that are drawn to blog giveaways are the main consumers in their household.  This is because bloggers educate the consumer. Also blog giveaways may take a little more work on the part of the entrant.  Some folks don't want to work, they just want an easy sweep with really really crappy odds.

I have had a lot of success with sweeps that require effort because the odds tend to be fantastic.   If you want to be successful be prepared to do a little work.

When entering a daily sweep I look for multiple prizes.  I'm not about to waste my time entering a sweepstakes everyday for a month if there is only one prize being given away.  Unless it's a large sum of money or a car.  But, I am realistic in my expectations of winning these sweeps.

Look for odds and don't be afraid of putting forth a little effort, and you just may be surprised.  Winning sweepstakes is easier than you think.
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LAMusing said...

good advice! I love blog sweeps - more work, but really good odds. Although I too don't waste time on those "one big prize enter daily for a month" type sweeps, I do toss in one entry - although it's crazy slim odds it only takes a second & you gotta be in it to win it :)

lisa said...

I learn a lot from blog sweeps, I really love the daily type sweeps that offer a prize a week or day.


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