Hydrating Hair Care From Shielo

A while back I had the opportunity to review the Shielo Color Protect.  So I was happy to be presented with another opportunity from Shielo. 

 I'm not fan of shampoo.  I realize that most people prefer shampoos in lieu of the new cleansing conditioners, which happen to be my preference. So I try to narrow down shampoos that I feel are better than average to present to my readers.   Shielos hydrating line is one that I can recommend.

I have very fine, dry damaged hair that doesn't respond well to shampoo.  Really anything that lathers seems to overwhelm my hair.    Even though Shielo Moisturizing Shampoo is sulfate free is does contain sodium and sulphonates that cause hair to lather.  Fortunately the key ingredients in the hydrating shampoo, such as Shea Butter, are extremely moisturizing and counteract the cleansing ingredients.   I find this isn't as drying as other shampoos, however, I still needed a conditioner.  With that said, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need quite as much conditioner, as is normally required to to tame my straw locks.

I wouldn't be surprised if many find the conditioner to be optional.  My hair is pretty extreme, so I appreciated the Shielo Vibrancy Conditioner.  This is a complement to the shampoo and offers the same moisturizing and protective benefits.

In the end, my hair was left with a silky soft texture. 

I didn't need a lot of the product, so I know that the 8 oz bottles will last a while, which is a good thing if you're on a budget.

To learn more visit Shielo.com

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