Getting In Shape With The Help of Reebok

I've started off the summer with a bang.  That is, I put forth some fine effort to getting back into tip top shape, or better put: my size four jeans.  My biggest obstacle is with dieting and night time binge eating.  On a positive note, I have done better with working out and building muscle.   One thing that has helped me to stay diligent are my exercise gadgets.

A very useful tool is the Reebok InShape fitness watch.  This is a nice little device that accurately records:

Calories Burned
Speed, Distance and Steps
Time in motion/Activity (not limited to steps)
Offers a speed monitor for maintaining a target pace

My favorite feature is that it offers activity tracking as opposed to just counting steps, so if you like to do Zumba, Kickboxing or any other type of aerobic activity then this is perfect!

Simple to use, easy to setup

In order to get an accurate reading it's important to submit your stats, such as weight, height, and age.  This couldn't be simpler, and once your info is submitted it's saved, thus no need to resubmit.

Calories burned is always a nice added feature.  You can easily determine that fat grams burned by dividing calories burned with 9, that's because nine calories equals one fat gram.  Thus 300 calories burned would equate to approximately 33 grams of fat.

The InShape Fitness Watch is no doubt a valuable asset to keep you apprised of your fitness activity, and at only $79.99 it's certainly one to keep on your radar.

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