Shielo Haircare: Taking New York by Storm

I love beauty products, but for me to really get excited over a product It has to be ethically and environmentally forward.

Shielo is a relatively new line of hair and skin products that have already taken New York by storm. Containing quality ingredients found in nature, Shielo is a name to keep on your radar.  The technology behind their products deliver top results.  Shielo Color Protect line has already received recognition for being the best in its genre, in spite of the fact that it was just recently launched at the end of 2008.

The fact that Shielo delivers results is a definite plus, however, it is their philosophy that
really made me take note.   Like I said these days I can only really get excited over ethically produced products.  Sheilo's products are cruelty free and some are completely vegan.

 I started using the Antioxidant Leave in Protectant.  This product is inundated with natural botanicals, it's free of nasty parabens, certified organic and offers UV protection.

My hair is color treated and frizzy, I used this before I flat ironed my hair on Wednesday.  It has a liquid texture as opposed to the serum I'm accustomed to using when I flat iron my hair.  I sprayed this throughout my hair before styling with the flat iron. Then I sprayed again after I was done.   The result is that it's Sunday and my hair is still straight.  This is not normal for me, usually by the second day my hair starts to frizz.  This is in spite of the fact that it did get a bit wet.

Of course this isn't limited to frizzy or color treated hair and is certainly more than just a styling product.  Any hair type will benefit from the natural UV protection and moisture retention.

Shielo is a company that knows hair and have really done their homework to deliver quality products that are truly effective. ..and they did this without compromising their integrity.

Shielo Antioxidant Leave In Protectant 4 oz

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