Tights That Perform Double Duty

Fashion icon Edie Sedgwick in her signature black tights 

I love tights, I practically live in them three seasons out of the year.  Not only do they add a certain something to an outfit, they also provide warmth.  So they're also quite practical.

ShaTobu has added another element to tights and that is their phenomenal fat burning technology.  If your not familiar, ShaToBu is shapewear with strategically placed resistance bands that results in more muscles being engaged while the wearer is active.  Clinical studies have show that wearing ShaToBu while active can burn up to 12% more calories.  All the while giving your body a sleeker silhouette.

ShaToBu Get Fit Tights come in six styles

I have several of the body shapers, which I normally wear under tights.  The ShaToBu Get Fit tights, however, are a really nice change.

To learn more visit ShaToBu.com

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