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Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been spoiled. For the last four years, I’ve been enrolled full time in an undergraduate program. For my first year I had the unpleasant pleasure of living in a dorm. Thankfully, after my freshman year, my parents stepped in and footed the bill for an apartment off campus. It was a wonderful experience. I was free to come and go as I pleased. I was able to have anyone over that I wanted. I was even able to throw the occasional party if the mood struck me. I had all the freedom of living alone, but none of the responsibilities of having to pay for it. All of that came crashing down on graduation day. I can still hear my dad saying “son, we put you through college, but we aren’t about to put you through life”. And so my carefree days of school were over. It was time for the real world. After getting my own place, I had to get myself set up with utilities. I had no idea how much cable cost! Thankfully, a quick Google search for direct TV deals and I had myself an affordable cable provider. Now if I could just find some affordable insurance; any suggestions?

-Mickey Garza

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Unknown said...

American family is inexpensive and have been very good to us.


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