Getting Fit With the Help of Del Monte

It's that time of the year when I start to buckle down and rethink my fitness goals.  I am far more active in the summer and as a result I always end up five to ten pounds over my target weight by the end of Winter.

Fortunately Del Monte Fresh Produce is currently running a huge promotion to encourage healthy eating as well proper exercise.  Del Monte will be giving away 500 pairs of sneakers and 10 Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros. Pack game consoles and Wii Zumba Fitness during the month of March.  I would really love to be one of the winners.

To enter simply follow these instructions:

 To Win Sneakers:

Step 1: “Like” Del Monte Fresh Produce by visiting www.facebook/delmontefreshproduce

Step 2:  Enter sweepstakes and sign the pledge to make at least half your plate fruits and vegetables and exercise more frequently.  You will automatically be entered to win one of 500 pairs of sneakers.

To Win the Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros. Pack Game Console and Wii Zumba Fitness:

Step 3: Click on the “Sneaker Giveaway” tab then the “Invite Friends” to share news about the giveaway with your friends.

Step 4:  Get just two (2) friends to enter the sweepstakes and you will be automatically entered to win the Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros. Pack game console and Wii Zumba Fitness

All entrants will be encouraged to sign a pledge to exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes and, as the USDA recommends, make half their plate fruits and vegetables.

Del Monte Fresh Produce is committed to providing consumers with quality fresh fruits and vegetables, which are key components in leading a healthy lifestyle. The "500 Sneaker March Giveaway" was created as a way to encourage Del Monte Fresh Produce fans to exercise as well.

For more information, please visit:

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