Nutra Sonic; Best Sonic Cleanser

My pick for best sonic cleanser is the Nutra Sonic Cleansing Brush by Nutra Luxe.  Nutra Sonic cleansing system often flies under the radar, yet it consistently receives the best overall ratings.  I have been using the Nutra Sonic Face Cleansing system for close to a year and I find it to be indispensable.  See my first review.

The sonic technology behind Nutra Sonic works to thoroughly cleanse skin of makeup, dirt, oil and residue.   In fact the Nutra Sonic Cleanser is so effective it removes 6 x's more makeup than a manual cleaning methods.

Some of the features that set Nutra Sonic Cleansing brush apart from the competitors is it's four oscillation speeds, including:

  • Low Frequency - Sensitive Skin
  • High Frequency - Normal Skin
  • BODY Brush Speed - All Over Cleansing
  • Jitter Mode Pulsating Oscillation - Microdermabrasion

The Nutra Sonic is also very durable, like I mentioned I have been using this for just about one year and is spite of the fact that it dropped several times it's still is working perfectly and the brushes hold up extremely well.   The price is also VERY competitive, approximately $50 less than its direct competitor.

The entire brush on the Nutra Sonic ooscillates up to 400 times per minute as opposed to just the center.  I also really love having a Microdermabrasion mode as well as a body brush.  So you are really getting more bang for your buck.

Now,  If you are looking for something that is even more affordable then I would highly recommend the Nutra Sonic Companion.  I have been using this for a couple weeks and I love it! 

This travel-friendly sonic facial cleanser has two speeds: low frequency for sensitive skin and high frequency for normal skin.  The Retail value is $75, but you may find it cheaper on HSN.   Many people who purchase sonic cleansers just want to clear up acne and improve skin tone and may not desire the extras, if that is the case you will be very satisfied with the Nutra Sonic Companion.  I'm glad I have both, but if I had to choose one I would pick the companion. It's nice to have both, but again the Nutra Sonic Companion does the job and is more affordable.

Regardless of your preference, Nutra Sonic is very deserving of my ever so humble award.

Update: There's a new kid on the block that is now getting my vote for best Sonic Cleanser.  Click below for details.

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