Best of the Best Extravaganza

When it comes to how I spend my money or what products I should consider, I base my decision on online reviews.  I skip the commercials and magazine adds and go straight for the Internet.  Even product mentions in magazines are the result of a hefty pay-out on the part of the product's company. On the other hand bloggers have the least to gain and tend to be very straight forward in regard to the actual quality and worth a product or brand.   

Many bloggers like myself won't even mention a product we don't like, the reason for me is because I realize that even negative publicity is more beneficial than no publicity. Why give a spotlight to a lemon.

After a year of consistent product reviews I wanted to do a special post on not only my favorites, but products that continually score high with consumers.   Thus, you may want to keep the products featured on your radar.   Keep your eyes out for this badge. 

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