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As a result of suffering with chronic insomnia I've learned the import of creating a peaceful, tranquil environment at night.  Outside distractions can infringe on your sleep which is a bad thing considering  our bodies need quality sleep to function properly.  I have been using a white noise machine for quite sometime, however, I have also been in the market for a sound machine that produced varied quality sounds.

Sound+Sleep; Sleep Therapy system, is the only sleep sound machine that I have come across that produces quality sounds.  This machine not only effectively mask outside noises, but the quality of the varied sounds actually induces sleep.    This is why Sound+Sleeps receive my humble award.  See my first review.

Some of the features that make Sound+Sleep patented technology stand out from the competition is the quality of the sounds.  Unlike other machines that I've looked at in the past the sounds were low quality, static-like and irritating. On the other hand  Sound+Sleep sounds of a have a rich and realistic quality. You will actually feel as if you are near a fireplace, water fall or that it is raining outside.  It took me a while to realize that it probably wasn't actually raining outside, that says a lot for the realism effect.

Another point is that the sounds of these other machines don't turnover, but rather are repetitive. Quite frankly this can be very annoying.  Fortunately Sound+Sleep contains lengthy recordings of actual sounds. This is quite refreshing.

Sound+Sleep; Parent tested Parent
approved Winner

Sound+Sleep also adapts to your environment.  Just say there was a sudden noise; dog bark, talking, thunder, etc.,  Sound+Sleep automatically raises the volume to block out these outside noise.  Also note that everything is adjustable, even the red On Button can be turned off as to not cause a distraction.

Sound+Sleep also offers ten sound options as you can see above.  I really love them all except the white noise and that's only because I'm so over plain white noise.

I love my Sound+Sleep! I realize from my first review that many people like myself can not sleep in pure quiet.  Much of the reason is because outside noises are more noticeable when it's completely quiet; if that makes sense.  Another reason is that we need something to lull us to sleep, Sound+Sleep does this beautifully.  This is an excellent Sleep inducer that can help you to achieve a  decent nights sleep. 

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