Nicole Scherzinger; X Factor Judge or Politician

If you have been tuning in this season to X-Factor then I'm sure you'll agree that this show is spectacular. As far as competitions of this venue go it is simply the Cadillac while American Idol is the Ford Focus, and the rest are Hyundais.

There is just one little problem and that is Nicole Scherzinger.  Every time she speaks it is as if she is running for office.  I believe Paula may of made that comment after one of Nicole's lame attempts at judging a contestant.    Paula if you said that I couldn't agree more. 

Every nuance, vocal inflection and tear seems calculated and insincere. Every Time she opens her mouth with that politicians cadence I cringe.  Well, after last night's episode it appears the world agrees with me. 

What happened?  Two contestants; both brilliant, were in the bottom two, when this happens both contestants perform for the judges and they proceed to judge the contestants based on that performance.  

If you watch the show you know there are other factors the judges will consider.  The dynamic of the show calls for each judge to mentor contestants, as a result many judges may be partial to their mentees.  Perhaps not the most desirable aspect of the show, but understandable and with a total of four judges, you can rest assured that three judges will vote impartially, well we hope.

Such was the case with last nights show.  Both contestants;  Rachel Crow and  Marcus Canty, were brilliant, however, one out shined the other and had a better track record, that is first time in the bottom two.  This was a no-brainier and this is the very reason the Judges decide the fate of the two with the least amount of votes.  As we learned with AI, sometimes the best don't always generate enough votes, often due to people assuming they're safe. 

Nicole in her over-dramatics refused to exercise this protocol and as a result the best was sent home.  At only 13 years of age, Rachel Crow is simply beyond-her-years amazing.  Lets have a look at who Nicole sent packing...

Like I said this was a no-brainer. Nicole appears to be more fixated on challenging Simon than giving honest critique of the competition.  This is why it's no surprise that Rachel was one of Simon's mentees.  My advice to Nicole would be to remember that you are a judge in a competition and not running for office. X-Factor is not a platform for you to outshine the other judges, but to give honest critique of the talent.   Simon is not your component or running mate, but rather a fellow judge.  Work with Simon and not against him and all will be golden. Or perhaps this ain't your thing and it's time for you to be sent packing.

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Alacransita84 said...

I have seen so much negativity on Twitter regarding this. So many are angry with Nicole. One person stated that it seemed as though Marcus was one of Nicole's favorites, but she knew Rachel gave a better performance, giving it her all on the save me song, and did not want to hurt Marcus' feelings by voting him off, so let the lowest amount of votes decide, thinking Marcus would be voted off, and it would be easier than her having to vote him off. I can see how that could have been her reasoning, but as you stated, some of the best are voted off because of some thinking they will get enough votes to stay safe. Nicole should have known this. If her reasoning had to do with Simon, then that would be even worse, and she definitely does not need to be a judge. In my thoughts with Marcus having been in the bottom 2 the last 3 weeks, he may be the one going home next week anyways. At least I think Rachel may have had a better chance at going further, especially after that save me song, and seeing as so many viewers had grown to love her. Disney knows how the viewers grew to love her, and how very talented she is, and I am so happy that they are going after her. It is definitely not the end for her. And the audience just couldn't stop screaming Rachel's name. Clear sign right there.

lisa said...

@Alacransita84 I couldn't agree more. The audience and the viewers at home seem to have the same reaction. I like Markus, but I feel Rachel has so much more depth and for someone so young.

Anjela001 said...

I totally agree!!!! I really enjoy watching this show but have to say I prob won't watch it next season if Nichole is a judge again. She has made horrible choices since the beginning of the show. It also seems as though she has it out for Simon & it no longer has anything to do with the contestants which is sad. And unfortunately I have a feeling that her contestant Josh may suffer because of her actions. And he's to good for that to happen.

lisa said...

@Anjela001 I know right! yeah I worry about Josh as well, he's amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Nicole is a complete fake. I cringe every time she opens her mouth. She was a horrible choice.

lisa said...

@Anonymous Totally agree.


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