Shield Your Home with Tile Doctor Cleaning Products

I'm a strong believer in avoiding chemicals when it comes to cleaning products. But, even I have to admit that when it comes to mold and mildew many of the products I advocate and love may not be very effective.

However, using harsh chemicals to treat mold and mildew just increases the toxicity inside the home, so this is not the best option.

The Tile Doctor recently came out with a line of non-toxic, antimicrobial cleaning products called Tile Doctor Shield and these products are already winning awards. 

Tile Doctor used good old science to create their line of products that in the end would be effective against mold and mildew and make cleaning incredibly easy.  ..and without harming you or the environment.

The brilliant technology behind Tile Doctor Shield enables the product to work continuously in that once applied it's effective at treating and preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms.

  So this means that once the Shield is applied to the surface it goes to work to fight against microorganisms, unlike traditional cleaners that only work to kill microbes on contact.  Traditional products also tend to contain harmful chemicals.

Interesting fact: Chlorine bleach requires 30 minutes of contact to kill bacteria. Yikes, that's a long time for such a strong product. 

These products can be used on just about any hard surface.

Shield also remains effective for months after just one application.  Spraying the product is a breeze, it's almost hard to believe that something so simple could accomplish so much.

Say goodbye to Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, Algae and Fungus

Other benefits of Tile Doctor Shield include:

Easy to clean and maintain
Eliminates need for harsh cleansers
Keeps surfaces cleaner, longer
Registered and available worldwide
Prevents deterioration of surfaces due to microbial contamination

This means that the surface can be easily maintained with just mild soap and water or your favorite non-toxic cleaner.

WOW that's impressive.  The Tile Doctor Shield offers a three step program, I used the Prepare and Shield on my tub.

Here's a before shot:

No VOC’s
Does not leach
Does not rub o or migrate onto the skin
No heavy metals, silver, arsenic, or polychlorinated phenols
Safe enough to wear
More than 30 years of active use

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