Visible Bra Straps Ain't Pretty

The scene:  You are getting ready for a special event and you just put on an outfit that you bought for this very occasion.  You are totally psyched cause you love this outfit.  Then you look in the mirror and you see a few flaws.  Your bra straps are visible and there is a gap in your dress or blouse.  OH NO, SOS!

This has happened to me on numerous occasions, so when the Strap Perfect Concealer Clips came out I was the first in line or the phone.  Anything for invisible, well concealed bra straps.

Strap Perfect is a piece of plastic brilliantly formed that enables you to achieve the perfect placement of bra straps so that they are not visible.  I like that I can use these with my favorite bras,  and the process of hooking the bra straps is far easier and more convenient than dealing with a bra with versatile straps. 

Added benefit: enhanced cleavage

Strap Perfect is essential to any wardrobe because lets face it, visible bra straps are just tacky.   Another wardrobe essential is Invisible Style; body and apparel, Tape.

This Apparel Tape is also useful on bra straps, low necklines, gaps in your blouses, strapless tops, hems, keeping accessories in place and more.

Every gal should have these two items.  I would also advise carrying them in your handbag, you just never know when a wardrobe malfunction will erupt;)

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