Signs, signs and more signs

 " Sign, sign everywhere a sign Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this don't do that can't you read the sign?"- Less Emmerson

Over the weekend I took a lovely trip to a popular city.  Because I wasn't  familiar with the area I went down a one-way street.  An easy mistake considering it was a two lane road and there was no indication that the street was a one-way street.   Not even a sign! I kid you not.

Well, a local turned on to the street and wasn't too jazzed to see me in-spite of the fact that I was in the right lane and they were on the left.  I suppose it was the principle of the whole thing that ticked them off so much they felt the need to pause and lay on their horn.  Fortunately a gentleman on the street informed me that I was attempting to go down a one-way street.

This ordeal could of been prevented if there had just been a sign warning me of the situation. In the end I could only apologize profusely to the the angry motorist for not being clairvoyant.

  Traffic signs are necessary to insure road safety, prevent accidents and aid in navigation among other things.

 Even No Parking Signs can be invaluable at keeping areas clear and safe.  Many developed countries don't have sufficient traffic signs and regulations, as a result they suffer higher traffic fatalities.

I don't live in a developing country so the lack of sign can only be blamed on the township.  Perhaps they should visit to find the appropriate sign.

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