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Summer is my favorite time of year, there's so many fun activities that I enjoy.  People in general are more active in the summer, I think it is the good weather that inspires folks to engage in more activity whether indoor or outdoors.

Getting in shape is my goal and and even if I'm not engaging in the super fun activity pictured above I'm still incorporating exercise into my daily routine.  My goal is to get super fit, That's why I'm featuring some products that I feel are must-haves for this endeavor. 

 I have been using Ocean Saline Nasal Care products for as long as I can remember.  I have bad sinuses and I use  Ocean Spray to irrigate my sinuses as well as keep them moistened.  Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation is actually a new product that is designed to properly irrigate sinuses by provided a constant stream of saline.  This product comes with two tips one for irrigating; the orange, and one for moisture.

If you swim; ocean or cement pool, you will find Ocean to be indispensable.  It's a good idea to flush chlorine out of your sinuses.  Both salt water and chlorine can also be very drying and Ocean Spray will also keep your sinuses moistened.  Ocean Spray is doctor-recommend and has other medicinal benefits.  I use this through out the year and I never get colds.

Stopain- What is it?  The name says it all, if you have back pain, arthritis, muscle strain, stiffness, etc.  Stopain simply stops the pain.  I have DDD in my lower back that sometimes prevents me from my daily work-outs.  Stopain is instrumental at keeping the pain at bay so I can continue with my activity.  This is indeed an athletic essential.

Stopain contains Peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil which are noted for their analgesic properties.The extra strength spray; my fave, adds glucosamine and MSM, both are essential for joint health.

For every Stopain product sold in 2011, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Arthritis Foundation (with a minimum contribution of $25,000).

 Safari Towels- from the folks that bring you Anti Monkey Butt powder; we'll get to that in a minute.  Activity makes us sweat and it may not always be possible or desirable to get to a shower.  Safari Towels are a shower-to-go towel that offer convenience and makes it possible to go about your day without being  sweaty and icky.  I personally hate showering at the gym and these are definitely a viable option.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder-If you partake in sports such as bicycling, horse back riding and even sitting all day, you will appreciate the importance of this product.  The soothing powder prevents chafing because it absorbs sweat and provides effective relief of irritation. This is essential for any area of your body that experience constant friction.

Now you are all set to be your optimal best. For more information or to purchase these products please use the inbound links to visit each products website.

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