Achieve Beautiful Skin Naturally with Vivoderm

Some of the most revered skin creams and potions may boast a hefty price tag, but their list of ingredients leave much to be desired.  Paying for a name is not the same as paying for quality.

In a nutshell what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so you may want to skip the prestigious name and high price tag for something that is natural and truly beneficial to the skin.

I am very excited over a recently launched line of skincare products that are completely natural. If you haven't already heard of Vivoderm you will surely be impressed.

Dr. Shawn Adhami; a seasoned dermatologist, developed Vivoderm and spent decades perfecting the products which he used successfully on his patients.  Dr. Adhami believed in the healing power of nature and this is reflected in all his products.

Vivoderm is synergistically and perfectly formulated with the finest botanicals from around the world.  The products are effective and do what they claim without incorporating anything harmful, questionable or just downright nasty.  Most of the products in Vivoderm skincare are actually edible.  This to me is a true sign of quality.

One of my many favorite products from the Vivoderm line is their amazing Anti Aging Mask.

Some of the ingredients include Lavender, Rosemary and Marshmallow.

Lavender is said to reduce inflammation, stimulating cell growth as well as being anti-inflammatory and  antibacterial.

Rosemary also contains similar benefits of lavender as well as increase in blood flow which .  Rosemary is ideal for anti-aging skincare because it's a natural skin firmer.

Marshmallow is also anti-inflammatory and is also hydrating and moisturizing.

The mask leaves my skin looking amazing.   Plumper, tighter and healthier.  The Anti-aging Mask comes in powder form and can be mixed with aloe, yogurt or water.  I've been using just plain tap water and I love the results.  This is the best facial mask I've ever used.

The Zinc Repairing Facial Cream is actually the first zinc based cream ever.

Zinc is ideal for aging skin, acne prone skin and even age prevention because zinc is a natural sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB light.  Zinc is probably the best form of sun protection on the market.

Zinc is also an antiseptic and anti-bacterial, thus this cream is effective at treating and preventing acne.  What I love about the Zinc Repairing Facial cream is that it's not drying but rather very hydrating to the skin.  Most acne products tend to strip skin of moisture.  This is the first acne-friendly  product I've come across that actually moisturizes and plumps up my skin, I simply love the results. 

Rest assured, Vivoderm is also a cruelty free and eco-friendly company. You will also find their products are reasonably priced. To learn more about Vivoderm or purchase their amazing products visit, you can also find them on Facebook.

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