Hip-T Doesn't Quite Deliver

I endeavor to give honest reviews this is why I feel the need to edit my initial opinion.  It's long over-due.

As much as I love low-rise jeans I hate the over-exposure. I usually need to layer my tops to avoid flashing the world. As you know this is not a summer-friendly look and I really hate the extra bulk that layering creates.

The hip-T is a simple invention by two mompreneurs.  Two moms saving the world from the indignities that are caused by our favorite low; and medium, rise jeans. A simple yet invaluable solution.  

Hip-t is a simple piece of fabric that fits around your lower waist.  The theory behind the product is great, the make of the product, not so much. 

The problem with Hip-t is that it doesn't stay put, the product keeps riding up exposing what it claims to cover.  Even ten minutes at the mall can end up as a flash-fest.  If they run true to size than I shouldn't be having a problem.     This is why in good conscience I could not endorse the product.

If you are looking for a better option to the Hip-t I would suggest Blush Accessories Maternity and Nursing Tee-Shirt Extender

Hoola Scarf by Hip-t Not Bad

Well, on a lighter note, I really liked the Hoola Scarf by Hip-t.  I love the material and the fact that it's quite versatile and multi seasonal. 

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