Does Your Pet Need A PeeKeeper?

A few years ago I had an adorable cat that I loved dearly, sadly he wasn't in the best of health. He suffered with a bad bladder and this caused him to be incontinent.

This was tough on both of us, the poor thing had to be confined to one room.  It was devastating.  I tried all kinds of pet diapers and none of them worked, they just would not stay on for more than a few minutes.

The founder of PeeKeeper had the same problem with an adorable little Terrier she adopted from a shelter. This was the inspiration for PeeKeeper, you gotta love the name.  PeeKeeper is a doggie diaper that stays in place.

 PeeKeeper stays in place simply because it has a harness.  I always wondered why I could never find a diaper with a harness. Apparently cats aren't alone in benefiting from this feature.  The PeeKeeper is really the first pet diaper to incorporate a harness, and because it's patent-pending it is the only one of its kind on the market.

I'm lovin this photo!

 PeeKeeper was created with dogs in mind, however, I am confident this would work on a cat because of the way it's designed.  I think the challenge would be getting it on the cat, if you ever tried to dress a cat you will surely appreciate the level of difficulty this entails. 

A pet diaper that fits is a wonderful thing.  I really wish I had this for my first cat, I hated that he had to be confined. 

 PeeKeeper can be used with a generic feminine mini or maxi pad or an adult incontinence pad and comes in five different styles/colors.  You can also machine wash your PeeKeeper in cold water.  For more information or to purchase a PeeKeeper visit    The PeeKeeper sells for $36.99 and shipping to the US is free.

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