Getting in shape the easy way

I own a treadmill and use it regularly, but I always felt I engaged more muscles when I worked out on the exercise bikes at the gym.  Setting the incline too high on a treadmill is bad for your back.  My chiropractor recommended not exceeding a 4 incline. This doesn't quite work my legs the way I would like.

 Bikes, however, are easier on joints and can give you a great leg workout.   I also seem to get my heart rate up rather quickly on the bike.

The recumbent exercise bike pictured below is similar to the one I used at the gym.  This is a great low-impact workout that really engages your quads and glutes, yet is ideal for beginners because if offers comfortable seating and is low impact.

 That doesn't mean you won't get your heart rate up, you control the resistance, thus as your fitness level increases so will your resistance and miles peddled per hour.

The mini exercise bike is another option.  Portable and inexpensive, these bikes are perfect for beginners or anyone desiring a little extra exercise.  This would actually fit under my desk.  A great way to easily burn a few extra calories while I work.

But of course nothing beats cycling outdoors. Mainly because it's fun and challenging,  I feel it's one of the best ways to get in shape and have fun at the same time.
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Being Tazim said...

I definitely prefer being outdoors for exercise, but agree that these products are good for indoor use, especially in the winter!

lisa said...

I have absolutely no endurance for cold weather. It amazes me that there are some folks that do brave extreme temperatures. Anything below sixty and I'm working out indoors.


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