La Famiglia DelGrosso; Authentic Italian Sauces

I grew up in a predominantly Italian household.  My grandmother; the world's greatest cook, would spoil us with pasta, lasagna, linguine, ravioli, stuffed shells and so much more.  All the ingredients were pure and fresh from the garden.  Painstaking care went into all of my Grandmother's dishes and the results of her efforts would rival the worlds most sought-after chefs.

The neighbors knew when my grandmother was cooking and all desired to get a taste of whatever she was preparing.  My grandmother's extraordinary cooking has really left a mark within our own little community.

In the early to mid 1900's another Italian family was making a mark in their community with their fine Italian cuisine.

DelGrosso's Cafe would become a hallmark for 'the best spaghetti dinner in town',  and their sauces would become famous and sought after by everyone who had the privilege of sampling their dishes.  Thus a demand for their sauces began.

This was the conception of the DelGrosso's famous, authentic Italian sauces being available throughout the country. 

La Famglia DelGrosso sauces are the newest addition to the DelGrosso legacy and consist of contributions from members of the DelGrosso family.  Each sauce has its own history. 

I had the privilege of sampling Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara Sauce and Chef John's Tomato Basil Masterpiece.  Both of which are absolutely delicious.

Both of these sauces are vegan friendly and contain  Imported Whole Italian Plum Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes, Imported Olive Oil, Fresh Onions, Sea Salt, Garlic and basil.  Without a doubt these are the best store bought sauces available on the market.   Perfectly seasoned, assolutamente magnifico !

I did not inheret by Grandmother's impeccable kitchen finesse, so I really appreciate that all I have to do to make a killer sauce is to open a jar.

To purchase these eccellente sauces visit La Famiglia DelGrosso or find a local distributor by visiting this link.

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