Entertaining in Style and Convenience

I have some really fond childhood memories of playing at my Grandparent's house.  My Grandmother was quite the cook and my grandparents often entertained.  I remember the basement at their first home contained a kitchen and a mini bar.   Both were playstations to us kids.

When my grandparents finished the basement of their second home they included a rather large bar that seated eight people.  Oh the fun we had. 

To this day I find home bars to be extremely appealing.   I think they are a great piece of furniture for entertaining as well as adding something special to a room.

Home bars are actually increasing in popularity. Their popularity stems from the practicality of having everything you need in your entertaining space.

However, if your short on space or you prefer not to have a visible bar when your not entertaining, you may want to consider a  folding bar. 

The black cabinet above is both sleek and sophisticated and transforms into a three section bar equipped with plenty of storage.

Home bars are now so varied that finding the perfect one for your home is easier than ever.   You will find they are a great way to entertain in style and convenience.

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