Displaying heirlooms and collectibles

I remember when my parents purchased their beautiful dining room furniture, one of my favorite pieces from that set included a curio cabinet.   This cabinet is now housing my great grandmother's beautiful china and some crystal. 

Curios are a lovely piece of furniture and are a fantastic way to showcase heirlooms and collectibles.

 I always admired my friend's curio filled with Boyd's figurines and other collectibles. Another friend used her curio to showcase beautiful dishes as well as vintage dolls.  Curio cabinets are really the perfect piece of furniture for containing and displaying your valued possessions

The Pulaski curio cabinet pictured below is very similar to what my mom has in her dining room. The mirror background and lighting is a nice feature.  I love when the interior lights are on especially at night.  All the beautiful china and crystal are illuminated and give the dining room a lovely ambiance.

You will also find that most curio cabinets come with adjustable shelves.  This makes displaying your possessions far easier and more versatile.

 A corner curio cabinet is perfect for those of us short on space.  They are also ideal for those odd, hard-to-fill spaces.  This is because they can fit easily just about anywhere. 

This could even work in a foyer, provided a spectacular entrance into your home.   Regardless of where you choose to place your curio cabinet you will find it to be lovely asset to your home.
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Eric said...

Curio cabinet is a fantastic piece of furniture.It is perfect and also good looking.It can fit anywhere.I love curio cabinet.
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