Small Space Decorating; Choosing a Sofa

The sofa is one of the main features in a living space so it's important to choose carefully.  Ideally a sofa should never be more than two thirds of the width of the room.  Neutral shades also seem to work best in small areas.

Leather Sofas offer an advantage in that they are easy to maintain and tend to be very durable.  They also add a certain richness to a room.

A tight back sofa with exposed legs are also ideal for a small space.  The black leather sofa pictured below follows most of the rules, however, I would prefer the arms to be small and less boxy.  Black may also overwhelm a space challenged area.

Finding the right leather sectional for a small space may be somewhat difficult, but definitely doable. Sectionals work well in corners, so they are also a good choice for tight areas. The below sofa is smaller in dimensions to easily accommodate a small space.

My next post will discuss recliners.

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