How I Relax

The one piece of furniture I could not live without; well second to my bed, would be my recliner.   I'm sure all can appreciate the sheer relaxation a recliner can provide.

Not all recliners are created equal.  Recliners tend to take a bit of a beating so they need to be well constructed.  The leather recliner below is perfect for me size wise, although I am trying my hardest to live a vegan lifestyle I have to admit it has been difficult to find anything comparable to leather.   So I kinda been doing without.  Fortunately my current recliner is fabric.

An important tip when choosing a recliner is to make sure it fits your body.  A recliner not suited to your body will not be comfortable. 

The above catnapper recliner reminds me of the recliner that my great grandfather had for decades. This of course is a modern twist, but very similar.  At the moment that recliner is at my grandmother's house perfectly intact.   The difference good construction makes is lastability which is why a recliner is more of an investment piece.

The recliner in black pictured above is another one that I really liked. This recliner also offers a swivel feature which I personally find comes in handy.

There is nothing like winding down at night on my recliner with either a good book or a great TV program, it's one of the highlights of my day.

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