Zuvo Water Filtration System Review

Mineral water being poured from a bottle into ... The safety of our drinking water has been a long time concern throughout the world.  While It is clear that underdeveloped countries suffer the worst, those of us in more developed Countries have also grown accustomed to tainted water. Yes our water supply contains lead, parasites, chlorine and more.

As a result most of us have turned to bottled water.  But, bottled water is no safer, and many feel bottled water to be even more harmful due to the fact that it's less monitored.  Water contained in plastic bottles pose another threat since chemicals in the plastic can infiltrate the water.  Not to mention the damage to the environment.

So what can we do to keep our family safe?  President's anti-cancer panel recommends home filtered water systems as a way of reducing ones risk of harmful carcinogens. 

Water purification systems are certainly necessary for every household.  And in my research I have come to appreciate that the Zuvo Water Filtration system is the ideal solution to safe great tasting tap water.

Zuvo uses biomimicry to purify tap water:

 "UV/Ozone filtration system reproduces nature’s photo-oxidation cleansing process, filtering impurities and reduces microorganisms  to filter out harmful contaminates while preserving waters healthy mineral content and adding fresh oxygen, giving it a delicious pop".

 Zuvo installs easily and quickly above the sink.  You do have the option of installing this below the sink; this may be ideal if you have a very small counter space.

 Unlike  pitchers you don't have to keep refilling, but rather you have continuous clean water.  Here you can see how much Zuvo will save you on filters. With Zuvo filters you really do get the most bang for your buck.

More about Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System:

•Easily installed above counter to a standard (threaded) faucet or under-counter connected directly to a Zuvo Beverage Faucet•Uses 8w UV bulb; requires less energy than a toaster
•½ gallon-per-minute flow rate
•Filter life of 500 gallons
•Retails at $149.99

To purchase this incredible system for yourself or to find a local distributor visit Zuvowater.com.

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