Achieving Great Curb Appeal

I am addicted to HGTV! I love House Hunters, the various decorating shows, and Curb Appeal.  Watching these informative programs has given me quite an education on decorating, real estate and how to successfully stage a home for resale. 

I learned the importance of details and one mistake that so many folks make is ignoring their mailboxes.  Many people will put time and energy into their home;  great exterior finishes, beautiful landscape, etc.  that is all well maintained,  without giving thought to the mailbox.  A dated, rusty or unattractive mailbox breaks the harmony of an otherwise lovey visual.

A small detail that can make a big difference and is an easy,  inexpensive fix.    Mailboxixchange  has an enormous selection of gorgeous mailboxes at unbeatable prices. 

Among their vast selection you can find decorative mailboxes like this lovely  Dea's Garden Bouquet Mailbox.   A nice mailbox will  really enhance your curb appeal.  A simple change that will make a huge impact.

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