Wei of Chocolate Review

My mission since becoming a vegan is to try to find and introduce my readers to vegan chocolates.  I have taken a bit of a break from this pursuit, however, I'm back with a new discovery.

 Introducing Wei of Chocolate; A rich  pure dark chocolate that  meets the standard of excellence.  These chocolates are vegan, organic, and their Cocoa is Fair Trade.  However, what makes these chocolates truly unique and totally original is that they are enhanced with various herbs, spices as well as infused with flower essences.  These extras actually do more then just enhance your chocolate experience, they actually have some added health and well-being benefits.

Lisa Reinhardt; innovator behind Wei of Chocolate:
"Our aim is to take something that people are already doing and elevate it. Introducing intentional blends of organic herbs and spices to clean, beautiful dark chocolate already renowned for its health benefits - what could be better?"

Wei Joyful dark chocolate
"a magical citrus blend of 70% dark chocolate enhanced with
Lotus Wei vibrational essences of night-blooming flowers and organic essential oils that awaken
clarity and wisdom.

Four other delightful flavors include: Wei Love Dark Chocolate; endowed with Maca, Eleuthero and Astragalus as well as flower essences, Cafe Wei Dark Chocolate; infused with Italian espresso and Eleuthero, Wei Dark and Wei Relaxed complete the Wellness Collection.   

These chocolates are truly a unique experience that is meant to be savored.  Fortunately each chocolate has only 30 calories and 2  grams of carbs.   I think this is wonderful because I absolutely love these chocolates, and I am happy they won't infringe on my weight-loss pursuit. Total guilt-free bliss!

You can find Wei of Chocolate in fine hotels and spas, to purchase these chocolates for yourself visit Wei of Chocolate online store

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