Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Review

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce isn't just for steak, I actually love this stuff on my veggie burgers. I have been a loyal user of country Bob's since receiving a free product coupon two years ago.

Bob Edson began selling his now famous sauce in 1977 and since has branched out to include:  BBQ Sauce, Seasoning Salt and along with the original all purpose sauce, there is now Honey Habanero, Apple Chipotle and spicy.

Country Bob's sauces have certainly earned its name as a true classic and perfect compliment to any vegetarian dish, yep not just for carnivores.

There are some rather creative ways of using Country Bob's sauces, however, being cooking-challenged I can only direct you to the website to check out their recipes.

I'm no longer doing seafood these days, but  I have to admit the Seafood Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms look absolutely amazing!  I'll have to  attempt to make this sans the Seafood.
You can purchase Country Bob's sauces on their website or check out their store locator for a location near you. 

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