Xocai; The Healthy Chocolate Review

If you have been following my blog you may know that I absolutely love chocolate. Since transitioning from a vegetarian to a vegan diet I had to find chocolate that doesn't contain dairy. I find that most chocolate, even dark chocolate contain dairy or dairy derivatives as well as other unnecessary additives.  There are, however, plenty of non-dairy options and I will be sharing these with you guys as I discover them.  

 Upon doing some research on chocolate I found that it can actually be good for you.  Sure there are naysayers that feel the term healthy-chocolate is any oxymoron, However, the positive evidence surrounding dark chocolate these days cant be ignored.  Cocoa; the main ingredient in chocolate is said to have a bevy of very impressive health benefits that include: weight control, cardiovascular benefits, increase in energy and mood, improved brain function, and so much more. 

However, for any chocolate to really possess these full benefits it needs to be unprocessed and preferably free of unhealthy fat and additives.

I found chocolates online called Xocai.  Xocai is chocolate in its purest form. Heat pressing is what destroys most of the nutrients in Cocoa, thus in order to retain its nutritional benefits Xocai uses "cold processing technique that does not involve blanching, roasting, fermentation, or alkalization."   Xoca is also free of added preservatives or colors, etc. Xoca also contain Acai Berry; another antioxidant giant.

So rightfully Xocai can truly stand behind their claims.  This chocolate  clearly has some amazing heath benefits, but your probably wondering how it tastes.  I can assure it is absolutely delicious! pure, unadulterated and delicious!

Xocai Healthy Gourmet
Chocolate Nuggets

I loved these vegan friendly chocolate nuggets. If you like dark chocolate you will really appreciate the rich taste and smooth texture.  Xocai also carries a rather impressive protein shake that has 21 grams of protein and is only three weight watchers points.  If your not familiar with Weight Watchers, three points is approximately twenty percent of one's daily caloric intake.  So that is actually pretty impressive.
The company is running a promotion during the month of December for new members. For each 2 boxes of chocolate you purchase, they will send you a free one with your first auto ship. If you purchased a Variety Pack (1/4 box nuggets, 1/4 box X-Power Squares; 1/4 box XoBiotic squares; 1/4 box Omega Squares) that would work out to about $22 per box. These make great  gifts. Instead of buying See's or Godiva, which is bad for your health, you are getting your omega 3's, probiotics and your 10 - 12 servings of raw fruits and vegetables - in chocolate! So it truly is the Gift of Health.

To make a purchase visit  cocoa101.com

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♥ Vanessa said...

Hi! I love Xocai chocolate too! I recently attended a seminar about the healthy chocolate. If you are looking for Vegan Chocolate, a great company I recently reviewed is: chocolateinspirations.com as well as sjaaks chocolate.


Both reviews can be found at my blog:

Rebecca said...

It is hard to find vegan options - so glad u're helping find some! It's always a challenge. I try really hard to be a vegetarian - it's gets easier each year - I love the product I just tried last night for "fake" chopped meat by Quorn - meatless and soy free and really impressive, sadly not vegan has egg white in it.

Nice blog - you might enjoy mine

Mel's Goin' Goin' Gone said...

Following from PRP. Would love a return follow :)


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