Zevia; All Natural Zero Calorie Soda Review

There are few things I find more refreshing than a nice cold glass of soda with just the right amount of ice cubes,  However, over the years I have trained myself to do without this treat because when push comes to shove, I prefer to not drink my calories. Diet soda is not an option in my house, I avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and splenda, not to mention artificial colors and additives. 

Zevia is the first soda to be completely natural and calorie free-that's right zero calories! How do they do it?

Zevia is sweetened with Stevia, which is an all natural sweetener derived from a plant and indigenous to subtropical and tropical South America and Central America and used for centuries by Guarani Native Americans of Paraguay and Brazil and is completely safe. Stevia is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar, thus a little Stevia goes a long way.  Zevia is also free of additives or colors.  Simply pure and sweet.

The Dr. Zevia and Root Beer were the favorite in my house.  Root Beer was my favorite as kid so the Root Beer brought back memories of my childhood.  I was pleasently surprized with the Dr.Zevia because I was never a fan of the famous Dr. ahem soft drink.  The soda is sweet enough that I'm able to add seltzer and enjoy it throughout the day. I really appreciate that there is finally a soda that is safe for diabetics. Zevia has an Glycemic Index of zero. 

Oprah Says:  "You may try this Stevia-sweetened soda because it contains no calories, no sugar, no aftertaste, no artificial anything, but you'll stick with it because it's delicious."

You can purchase Zevia on their site, however, you should be able to track this down at your local Wholefoods.  Check their Store Locator for a location near you.

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