My Wig Obsession Satisfied

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Not that long ago I had a conversation with a friend whom, like myself, loves to wear wigs. she had said she preferred synthetic hair over real hair. I believe she felt synthetic hair is easier to maintain. This is quite interesting, because I have a bevy of wigs, extensions, hairpieces, of varying types consisting of real and synthetic hair. Quite honestly now that they're all out of their original packaging;  I'm at a complete loss at distinguishing between the two.  It really boils down to quality of the hair; be it synthetic or real.  

Along with a quality product, I also look for value.  When I first started my obsession for enhanced hair I spent quite a bit of money.   Now we have Divatress; an e-commerce beauty site that offers an array of wigs, extensions,  half wigs, and more at affordable prices.  Their Outre hair consists of a nice selection of both real and synthetic hair; including the popular Remy hair. 

Penny-Outre Quick Weave Half Wig

Their clientele includes both professional and non-professionals.  When it comes to extensions I prefer to purchase my own and I take them with me to the salon.  It saves a bit of money.  I found you can really save on pre-braided styles, I really love the Outre X-Pression Box Braid below.  This is one I would take to the salon and have crocheted in my hair.  I think this is the Perfect vacation hair because it's so low maintenance and if i'm swimming all day, that's a feature I really appreciate.   

Outre X-Pression Box Braid – Box Braid Small

The Box Braids; pictured above, are available in 18 and 24 inch length, I would have them cut a couple inches so that they're not quite as heavy.  There are some great video tutorials on YouTube on how to cut them yourself.   There are also quite a few instructional videos on how to properly apply various types of wigs, all of which are quite useful especially if you're a novice.   

Wigs are good anytime, but I really like the extension for special events and vacations. Okay, now I'm really looking forward to my next vacation.  My cousins just got back from Anna Maria Island in Florida, They said it was absolutely beautiful. Spend less on hair means more spending money. Sounds good to me. 


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