On-Trend Popware For Pets From Dexas

Sometimes my frugality is misplaced. Such was the case with my reluctance to expend the money on my cat's food bowls.  For a while I was using just regular bowls until my mom bought her grand-cat a set of adorable matching bowls with little paw prints.  Very sweet, unfortunately these fancy cat bowls worked out as well as the regular bowls, which was not good, no not good at all.  For starters, cat food kept finding its way into my cat's fresh water, then the cat would splatter the water everywhere, not sure why he insisted on dragging the bowls out to the middle of the floor.  All this resulted in accidents and a very messy floor.   Not a pretty site.

A better solution

Every now and then I encounter an innovative product or brand that ignites a level of excitement in me that is uncustomary to my natural Dysthymic state. For this reason Dexas is a company to keep on your radar.  Their Popware for pets is absolutely brilliant.  Solved all the cat feeding issues and then some.

Dexas, who are they? 

Based in Texas, Dexas is noted for their practical kitchen solutions.  Popware for pets is another avenue in which they excelled in creating problem solvers for pets and their owners.  The fun pop of color is really just the icing on the cake.

Elevated collapsible food dishes

Popware for pets; Elevated  Double Tandem Feeder Bowls & Single Feeder Bowl

I own the single feeder pictured on the right for my cat and it has proven to be a lifesaver. He seems to really like the extra height and he's no longer playing in his water. I'm thrilled that I'm not dealing with cat food cereal or floating food in the cat's water.  Based on my observation,  I'm  not surprised that veterinarians recommend elevated food dishes for various reasons which range from comfort to creating a hygienic eating environment.

Dishwasher safe

I also wanted to point out the ease of popping out the bowl for easy cleaning as well as the ease of folding down the legs for storage.  Dishwasher safe.

 Collapsible Klipscoop 

What a great ideal for both people and pets!  Great for portion control or just simply scooping out your pet's food.  I love the clip for keeping kitty's food fresh.  The Klipscoop collapses and hangs for easy storage.

Keep canned food fresh

The Flexible Suction Lip pictured above is a lifesaver.  Keeps my cat's food fresh and moist.  Just a gentle press is all that is need to activate the suction.

Tie it all together with the matching Grip Mat


Add the no-slip mat to your pets feeding area for extra protection an viola, you've created an on-trend little feeding nook for your pet.  I love that this easily wipes clean. For a more serious mess I just run it under the faucet. These fun, bold colors are right on trend and adding them as accent colors to your decor could't be more fun. Looks good and saves the floor.

The products I featured are really just the tip of the iceberg.  For more products, or where to buy visit them at dexas.com 

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