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Jamberry Nail Wraps

While I appreciate the creativity and beauty of the latest nail art trend, I've always brushed it off as too involved or too expensive.  I never thought that such a painstaking enterprise would be within my capabilities or budget.  I was wrong.  Thanks to the sister team behind Jamberry nails, my nails are now able to join the ranks of the rich and famous by boasting gorgeous, wearable art.

The adhesive wraps are made of a high quality vinyl and are heat activated.   Last longer than polish. On average you can expect the wraps to last two week on fingernails and about a month on toenails.

I wanted to make one last statement with my toenails, that is before the cold wind sweeps over the north east and causes my open toed shoes to go into hibernation .  I  used one bold print wrap for my big toe along with white nail lacquer on my other toenails to pick up the white background in the wrap.  After looking at the photo I can't help but think I should of used a wrap for another toe nail.  It's still very cool.

Jamberry has a copious selection of wraps to appease any taste.  Here are a couple of my faves:

Silver Floral on Magenta by Jamberry Nails

I love the above wrap. I've seen this applied and it's stunning! 

Barely Blue

The Barely Blue from the Sparkling Solids collection is another favorite of mine.  I love the subtlety of this three-dimensional nail wrap.  Perfect for everyday wear.

Jamberry in the media

Jamberry do-it-yourself nail art is the hottest thing going and for good reason.  It's affordable, can be done at home and requires absolutely no skill, as I've demonstrated.

For more info please visit Alia at Jamberry Wraps


Win a free sheet of wraps (winner's choice - any design except collegiate or custom) and an Application Kit approx. $35.00 value

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