Will There Be Justice For Jordan Davis

It's deja vu  for Florida, as once again some immature adult assumes his right as a citizen by savagely ending the life of a young person simply because they didn't oblige their wishes.  If you're still shocked over Trayvon Martin's case then you're not alone.   When is it ever okay to pursue an individual at night and then have the audacity to end their life for reacting to your actions.  Sadly, twelve jurors seemed to think those actions were above the law.

Another young life taken, and to think this deplorable action all started over loud music.  I'm sure most of us have at one time or another experienced the occasional teenager, or non-teenager, listening to deafeningly loud music while driving, or in a parking lot.  What do we do? nothing!  you're there for a minute.  A mature person puts the situation into perspective and proceeds to go about their business, not get confrontational.

Jordan Davis only 17 years old when killed

Any verdict less than first degree murder will not be good enough.  

The killer, Michael Dunn, fired a whopping ten shots at the car containing four teenagers, then afterwards left the scene never even mentioning the shooting to his girlfriend.  When questioned in court about his actions, his lame response was he felt that he was in danger when one of the teenagers stepped out of the car. According to the video footage, which is not being admissible in court, there is no evidence of any of the kids leaving the car.   He also alleges seeing one of the teens reaching for a gun-like object. Riiiiiigghhtttt.  Not surprisingly, no guns were found in the teenager's car.

If Dunn isn't held accountable for his actions then we can only expect to see more of these types of shocking "self-defense" shootings.


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NenaS said...

Wow, this is so sad!! I certainly hope the killer is brought to justice this time around! My sincere condolences to this boy's family and friends. :(


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