Organic Yogurt; An Effective Diet Strategy

Many of us have a weak time when we're more inclined to take in calories.  Because I'm busy during the day, I find evening to be the most challenging.  Since it's easier for me to be restrictive during the day, this in turn propels me to be good at night.  It sets me up for success.

Of course I still get hungry during the day, the trick is to eat something healthy and satisfying. For a while I would do vegan protein shakes during the day.  Tasted horrible and they weren't all that satisfying.   Now that I'm no longer a vegan, I find yogurt to be a better alternative.  But, I'm very picky with yogurt.  Among the myriads of yogurt brands, Wallaby is the only brand of yogurt I will consume.  Had I not discovered Wallaby, I wouldn't be consuming yogurt.

Wallaby supports small family farms

What make Wallaby superior to other yogurt brands? For starters, and most importantly, Wallaby receives their dairy from organic family-run farms, even offering full disclosure of these farms on their website.   Each and every farm is committed to organic farming.  The cows are able to naturally thrive without the need of harmful additives, such as hormones or antibiotics.  This is not only healthy, but contributes greatly to the taste and the texture of the yogurt.

Yogurt and weight loss  

There have been various research studies that have shown yogurt to be effective during weight loss. One study dieters lost a whopping 22% more weight than non-yogurt eaters. Most-likely due to yogurts healthy bacteria content.

Greek yogurt is all the rage, but unless the Dairy source is pure, the consumer is getting an inferior product

I'm a huge fan of the the Wallaby Organic Greek pictured above; 140 calories and 12 grams of protein, that's only 3 weight watchers points.   At my local Whole Foods they carry Lemon, Raspberry, Mixed Fruit and Cherry. They are all so good, I usually just get a few of each.  They're very satisfying and delicious, really staves off hunger, most likely due to the high protein.  Greek Yogurt is all the rage, but unless the dairy source is pure, the consumer isn't getting a quality product.

Another favorite is the regular Wallaby Organic yogurt.  This was inspired by Australian yogurt, which is noted for a rich creamy texture and light fruity taste.  Depending on the flavor, they contain between 7 and 9 grams of protein.  Another satisfying option.  

I can only find these at Whole Foods.  They may cost a bit more, but so worth it for the quality.   If you purchase twelve or a case, Whole Foods gives a discount.   For more info visit  Wallaby Yogurts Website

Test samples may of been provided, most likely per my request or based on experience with product featured, no other compensation was provided and review is based on my personal opinion.

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