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I often mentioned how I lack the gene that makes me your typical jewelry-loving female.  There are those very rare moments when I will be struck by something truly spectacular.   In this case, it was a  striking selection of gemstone jewelry accompanied by very low price tags.  So low in fact, that the conscientiously frugal; AKA downright cheap,  will be frothing at the mouth with excitement.   So jewelry lovers and bargain shoppers take note cause I found the site that puts all jewelry discount sites to shame.

The site: Shadora  

Shadora is a flash sale website run by a two sisters that have experience in the fine jewelry industry.   If you're not familiar, the term Flash Sale implies a small window of opportunity to purchase an item.  The items sold are usually surplus and are already discounted. The sister team at Shadora work with fine jewelry vendors across the globe and are able to find the best discounts.  This results in generating a high volume of sales.  Being a website with high product turn over keeps costs down.  Thus, with little to no overhead, the consumer is guaranteed the lowest possible price on a piece of jewelry.  So we as the consumer have an opportunity to purchase high-end jewelry at beyond bargain basement prices.  This is a wonderful thing for those of us compromised in the funds department.

The diamond ring pictured above is set to white gold and is simply gorgeous.  You can see that the Shadora discount is seventy eight off of standard retail.

Shadora offers the customers full disclosure that includes dimensions.  For those folks that aren't completely satisfied; I'm sure this is a rarity, Shadora offers a thirty day return policy.

Customer satisfaction seems to be the norm.  This is something that I not only observed, but can attest to as well.  Why? because I was sent jewelry from Shadora to review.

I chose the stunning 2.50 Carat White Topaz Sterling Silver earrings pictured above.  These were listed at ninety two percent off of the list price of two hundred and sixty dollars.  They are very delicate and I must say they seemed a little small when I opened the box. Of course I'm use to wearing cheap over-sized costume earrings.  Any fears of these earrings being too small were completely allayed after I tried them on, they are simply perfecto.  The perfect size.   Very complimentary and the white topaz stones are very vibrant, to me they look like diamonds.  I can't tell the difference.

Security.  The stones are secured with prongs.  This is a main concern I have after purchasing a moabite gemstone ring from the Jewelry network.  The stone was simply glued in and after one year fell out and was never seen again.  The ring was on clearance for seventy some dollars.  Small timers.    

Shadora is no small potatoes when it comes to fine jewelry at the best bargain prices.   After just two years they've become the fifth largest online jewelry retailer.  You can also find a variety of real gemstones,  bridal jewelry, all-occasion jewelry and so much more.      Another benefit:

Free shipping on all orders, secure shopping and PayPal accepted.  Got to love that!  To learn more visit

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