New Chapter Is Giving Folks The Perfect Calm

New Chapter's vitamins are unique in that they are whole food supplements.  This means they are free from synthetic, or any other junk, ingredients.  Synthetic chemical isolated forms of nutrients is the norm for the majority of vitamins on the market.  "Synthetic Chemical"?   Lets face it, the average multi-vitamin is most likely doing more harm than good.

On the other hand New Chapter simply uses organic fruits, veggies, superfoods, and so on to make all their vitamins.   This results in a vitamin that is worth taking, one that will actually benefit your body and health.  Another plus is that you can take New Chapter vitamins on an empty stomach without the risk of irritation.

Not that long ago New Chapter launched a supplement called Perfect Calm. 

Perfect Calm by New Chapter is a multi-vitamin comprised of a combination of 25 whole-food vitamins and minerals formulated to promote optimal health, while targeting the nutrients your body needs most during times of stress, like Vitamin B and C as well as calming herbs such as holy basal, lemongrass and chamomile.    

New Chapter multi-vitamins are the first in the Natural Products industry to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification

With the stresses in today's world I really don't know of anyone who wouldn't appreciate Perfect Calm.  The body offers tell-tale signs of stress such as insomnia, tension or irritability, but for many it's not so obvious.   Sometimes the body reacts to stress with lethargy.   So even if you're tired and unmotivated you may very well be in need for some Perfect Calm.

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