Finally a Brighter Smile

I was sent Rockstar White to review quite a while back.  Rockstar White is a very easy-to-use teeth whitening system.   At the time I was on a tea-drinking binge and I didn't want to mess up my results, so I put off my review a bit.

First off, I have to mention that this is vegan and cruelty free.  Another plus is that it's fast and completely foolproof.  So it's perfect for me.

The tray in the picture is ready to go; no need to boil, all you have to do is bite down on the tray to get an impression.  The second step; use the syringe to apply the whitening gel to the impression.  That's it! now you're ready to whiten your teeth.  Oh lest not forget this only takes a half an hour.  You are given enough for several sessions,  I would think that would be the most the average person would need.

I'm very happy with the results.  I did two sessions mainly because the first time around I put too much gel in the compression tray, and as a result I was salivating a quite a bit, so I had to remove the tray a few times.  Learn from my mistake:)  I did take pictures, but my camera seems to be on the brinks so I wasn't able to upload any onto the computer.

ROCKSTAR White is an excellent value retailing at only 50 dollars.

  I do have experience with gel strips and I always found them to be a pain.  Rockstar White is more on par with a professional type device, but without the high price tag or fuss.  I couldn't stress enough how simple this is to use.

On their website I learned that this is complete free of fluoride, gluten, sulfite, alcohol and of course animal products.  

Rockstar White comes in really cute packaging, so I may even consider giving a couple of these as gifts.

 To learn more visit

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STF said...

Lisa, did you have any discomfort or sensitivity when using it?


lisa said...

I didn't experience any sensitivity. Like I mentioned the only discomfort, or problem I experienced was due to putting too much whiting gel in the compression tray, in the lower bite, the first time I used this. As a result I couldn't stop salivating. This was due to gel leakage. The second time around I paid attention to how much product I was using and the session was much smoother.


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