Say Goodbye to Nasty Chlorine Bleach

I am a recovering bleach addict.  In spite of the fact that bleach made me sick I always felt is was the best means of truly cleaning and disinfecting the home.   Unfortunately bleach is proven to be harmful to both people, animals and the environment, so it really isn't something you want in your home.

I have come to appreciate there are safer products that are equally effective.  Such is the case with color-safe Oxygen Bleach by Tropical Traditions.  I'm already a huge fan of their laundry detergent which contains oxygen bleach and I really like having the extra container of bleach on hand for whites and extra soiled loads.  Remember this is safe on colors.  I'm also finding that this non-chlorine bleach is a great household staple.

Today I did a load of whites using the Tropical Tradition's laundry detergent and I also added their oxygen bleach to the load.  I have an HE washer so I used half the recommended amount.  Everything came out looking bright, and smelling fresh and not surprisingly so since this is a natural destainer and deodorizer.  

I stopped using regular bleach in laundry when I started using the Tropical Traditions laundry detergent.  Let me tell ya it's nice being able to breath near the laundry without getting sick.

Tropical Tradition's Non-Chlorine Oxygen Bleach is even more effective at whitening because it actually has the ability to break down organic stains as opposed to just merely masking them which is unlike traditional bleach.

I'm also finding that this isn't limited to the laundry,  but host a myriad of household uses that include both inside and outside the home.  I used this on the kitchen floor with great results. My future plans include using this in my carpet cleaner as well as throughout the bathroom.  This is also safe to mix with most other cleaners.

Non-Chlorine Oxygen Bleach is a must have for every household.  If you visit Tropical Traditions you can find more information as well as more uses for their Oxygen Bleach.  You may want to take advantage of the amazing sale price of only $16.75 for a 6 lb container,  that's close to a 50% savings!

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