Oh the Convenience of Having a Mirror in The Shower!

It's hard to believe that I managed for so long without a mirror in my shower.   It's just one of those things that you always wished you had, but never saw as a reality. Who would of thunk that there would ever be such a thing as a fogless shower mirror.  

The Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree Products has a five star rating on Amazon.  Over 680 people gave this 5 stars for being the best shower mirror on the market.  As an owner of the ToilTree Shower Mirror I can certainly say that I am also very pleased with the product.

The mirror is completely adjustable, so it will work for all
members of a family with varying heights. 

The mirror installs easily with adhesion strips and glue and it's completely secure.  ToiletTree's patented technology keeps the mirror fogless for life and without the need for nasty chemical sprays.   There is even a little shelf to store stuff like razors or tweezers.  The mirror is also shatter proof and adjustable.  In spite of mirror being acrylic, it's actually a very good quality.  This of course is of paramount importance to me because I like to perform tasks such as tweezing in the shower.

Beautify your skin in the shower!

I'm a skincare junkie and one thing I learned is that the shower is so ideal for cleansing your skin because the steam, heat and moisture really opens your pores, making it optimal for tasks such as shaving, tweezing and cleansing.  I also like to use my Nutra Sonic in the shower.

It is certainly a wonderful thing to have a high-quality mirror in your shower and this one by ToiletTree products is one I highly recommend .  You can find the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror at Amazon; as well as Amazon Canada,  for a sale price of only $29.99.

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