Heads up if you entered my last two giveaways

You may already know that Google + is the wave of the future.  Google hopes that Google + will be on par with Facebook.  That may very well happen one day, but at the moment it's not quite there yet.

I've decided to remove 'following me on Google + as a mandatory entry'.  For those of you that are already following me on Google + you can give yourself and extra entry via the Rafflecoptor entry form.  I realize to do this you will most likely need to submit another mandatory entry.  You will not be disqualified, however, I would appreciate the heads up so I can easily delete the extra mandatory entry.

The giveaways are for the Avanti Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts and the $100 Gift Certificate from Ezistock.com
Thanks all!

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jayedee said...

i think i'm going to offer google+ as an option...the grapevine has it that GFC is going away for everyone except blogger blogs on march 1.
wonder what that's gonna do for the sponsors that want to see those stats?

Nikki Elkins said...

your google + button is not showing up on here

tannawings said...

I see where you have 'follow on G+' but there is no button linking it yet. Will keep an eye out for it!

lisa said...

the google + badge is sandwiched between GFC and Facebook fan page on the sidebar. Just in case it's not appearing here is a direct link:



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