Jewelry Bar; Keeping it Fresh & Fabulous

Jewelry Bar is a  new company that was founded by two very talented friends from Saint Petersburg Russia.   Mariya and Anna's  European-inspired jewelry have a trendy yet unique flair.

Located in the east coast, Jewelry Bar has expanded to include top designers from around the world.  Because  Jewelry Bar is on the cutting edge of fashion their line of jewelry is constantly changing.  This means that their pieces are made in limited editions.  This is definitely an exceptional feature for those whom collect fashion jewelryas well as for those of us that don't want to see the same jewelry that we're wearing on everyone else.

I love looking through their selection of jewelry.  They look like a million bucks, but all of the jewelry at Jewelry bar is very affordable to say the least.  I was sent a beautiful pair of stud earrings to review and they are gorgeous!  The quality of the jewelry does not equal the price and I say this because these earrings retail for only $14 and you would never know it.

Along with stunning costume jewelry, you can also find gemstones at the Jewelry Bar.

I found these beautiful garnet stud earrings and ring.  I also really love the the garnet and yellow topaz drop earrings pictured above. 

Jewelry Bar is a company to keep on your radar, I have a feeling you will be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

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