Del Monte; Giving Teachers A Chance To Win!

Teaching is an extraordinary profession and one I don't think I could ever do, especially if we are talking grades kindergarten through twelfth.  The fact that many teachers have to dip into their own funds to supply their classroom with needed school supplies is somewhat hard to digest.

As parents I'm sure you can appreciate the importance of getting kids to eat healthy.  Having fresh fruits and veggies on hand is one of the best things you can do to encourage healthy eating in your kids.

Del Monte Teacher Monday: Cash For Classrooms is a great opportunity for teachers and students.

  Teacher Monday gives teachers the chance to win well needed school supplies and fresh fruit and veggies for their classrooms..  Two pervasive struggles; adequate school supplies and getting kids to eat healthy.

This is Del Monte's second annual Teacher Monday and I applaud them for providing this opportunity for teachers and students throughout the US, Canada and Central America.

If you are a teacher simply register at Del Monte Teacher Monday: Cash For Classrooms by filling out the form and Uploading a short essay on how you plan to incorporate healthy eating  into your classroom's lesson plans.   Friends,  family, students, etc. can vote for you daily via Facebook. 

This contest is going on for six consecutive weeks and the teacher with the most votes will be the winner for that week.  Teachers have six chances to win.

Parents, this is a great opportunity to express your appreciation for our teachers and get your some fresh health snacks for your kids.  So please register with Teacher Monday so that you can vote daily for your favorite teacher as well.  

Voting begins on 9/26 and winners will start to be selected on 10/3, so hurry and get your entries and votes in so that you or your favorite teacher can win.

But wait there's more, if you like Del Monte on Facebook you are also eligible to win Del Monte Gift Certificates on a weekly basis.

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