Household Traditions is putting dish soap to shame

My sensitivity to chemicals has led me on a path of self-education. Out of necessity I've had to look for everyday products that wouldn't make me sick. I learned that cheap and toxic ingredients are the norm.

Certain chemicals may be deemed safe at low levels but when you consider how pervasive these chemical are in everyday products there is reason for concern. It is the undeniable cumulative damage that poses the biggest threat. Of course if you have children all the more reason to be concerned since they are the most vulnerable to these products.

I was surprised that even dish soap contains potentially harmful chemicals. Very popular brands of dish soaps contains Sodium Lauyl Sulfate; aka SLA, and propylene glycol which are both said to be toxic.

Fortunately there are viable alternatives. One of my favorite companies is Tropical Traditions, their product line of personal care products as well as cleaning products; household Traditions, is safe and effective.

The Dish Liquid is a non-toxic dish soap will effectively clean the dirtiest and grimiest dishes, pot, pans etc. without harming you OR the environment. 

Here are the ingredients: Deionized water, coconut and sugar-based cleansing and sudsing agents, plant-based surfactants and emulsifiers.

Thus you will not find any:
Petroleum Solvents
Respiratory and Skin irritants

This dish liquid is also concentrated, thus you don't need as much of the product. At the moment you can purchase a full gallon of Dish Liquid for $29.50. One thing about Tropical Traditions is that they frequently run sales and most of their products can be purchased in bulk for additional savings.

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