Effortlessy stream videos & more with Air Playit/ iTunes Giveaway

As a blogger I'm presented with pitches for products to feature on a daily basis.  Finding products and brands that appeal to me and fit my blog doesn't happen very often, but every now and then something new and innovative comes along that excites me enough to share with my readers.

Recently I was introduced to Air Playit; by Digiarty Software, a video and audio streaming software/app that enables you to effortlessly stream videos and music to your iPod, iPhone and iPad.  This app dissolves the need for long lengthy video conversions.  ..And is free to download.

Air Playit Android version coming soon!

 With over 8 million satisfied customers in a period of five years Digiarty Software are proven leaders in their industry.  Air Playit received 100,000 downloads in just one week. 

This is really no surprise since Air Playit boast some very state-of-the-art features including:

 Offline Conversion – Your Remote Video Converter

You can add and manage video conversion tasks on your iPhone iPad, and download the videos to your devices via WiFi and 3G/4G.

Internet Access – Support Local & Remote Connection
Air Playit can stream videos over local WiFi, remote WiFi, 3G and 4G.

HTTP Server – Enable Web Browser to Access the Playlist
The built-in HTTP server lets you access the audios and videos stored on your PC or Mac via any web browser, you can use VLC and Apple QuickTime player to play the streaming video easily.

These are just a few of the features that I found unique.  I have plans to purchase an iPad in the near future and Air Payit will definitely get a lot of use.

To learn more and to download Air Playit for free visit airplayit.com.`
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